September in 2014. is located in Asakusa.
Through the local event ” Senya-Ichiya”, which is for visiting shops in the night Asakusa hold on every 3rd Saturdays, our blending fragrance workshop was begun.
Usually you can only buy perfume and enjoy EXISTING fragrance.
In this diversity, you may find what you like in a shop but not the best one.
Soon you will be tired of sniffing, and you will get lost what your favorite is.
Even though you find one, it may not last long till you fed up with it before you use up.
I should not be the only one to experience this.
「I want to make my own fragrance!」
To make it come true, our work shop was born.
You can set your own theme, actually select fragrance, and blend.
Fragrance that we use is at the high grade for cosmetic.
Not only Perfume, but also you can use the finished products as a diffuser, or room spray, and you can create your space with your favorite fragrance.
Workshop takes 45minutes to 1 hour.
It depends on the space and number of guests, we have 1 to 3 professionals to give you advice and basic knowledge of fragrance.
First of all, lecture.
Once you have learnt, next you will try blending.
In the first session, you will start with “choosing a theme”.
You will image what you want to make. For example, season, color, scene, or person you want to give it to. It’s all up to you.
But this is very important so that you don’t get lost while checking several fragrance and to come back what you want to express.
Next, which is the main part of this workshop, selecting fragrance out of 26 fragrance.
Choose 1 kind from the Top note selection which is the main impression of the scent, and 2 kinds from Middle note which is the main character, and 1 kind from Last note to bind the total scent.
Once you checked each mouillette (scent strip), you will realize how good perfume is used.
This is because each Perfume consists of many kinds of fragrance.
After you have decided blend ingredients, then you will decide the ratio.
Even if you choose the same ingredients, if you change the ratio, the image of the scent will be totally different.
And if you are lost finding the goal, our professionals will give you a clue based on your theme.
At the end, with the ratio you have chosen, you will pick each Perfume with a dropper and blend.
And then, test with a mouillette for the final check.
Time flies so fast and guests are always happy at the end, although at the beginning they feel nervous.
One guest was even exchanging her Perfume with the person next to her, talking about their favorite things, that is one of the interesting points of our workshop.
Our workshops holds irregulary but we will keep posted about the events.
Don’t forget to check it out!