Natural Scents, Botanical Blessing

【arôme récolte】/ Harvest of aroma.
arôme means aroma, scents in French, récolte means harvest.
We want everyone to enjoy the natural gentle scents that essential oil have.
Starting off with this idea, these items are blended with natural ingredients based on essential oil.

Specialized in ingredients

Wooden containers used in solid perfume and bath salt lid.
Exclusive wood are used and each of them is hand-made, and branded on the top.
Distinctive patterns you can find in each product, and also it will change the texture as you use.
Not only the scent, but we focus on the material too.
Aluminum container is used for hand cream.
It is good at sealing, and can keep the cream sanitary.

Essential oil blend

Essential oil is volatility oil that is made of natural extract, which contains high-concentration of its natural active ingredients.
For arôme récolte, they use essential oil.
There are 5 different scents; Floral, Herbal, Fresh Citrus, White sage, Palo santo.
Floral, Herbal, Fresh Citrus are blended with several essential oil.
they give gentle scents in the air.
White sage and palo santo are single essential oil, which focus on each botanical power.
Both plants have been used from ancient time for healing ritual.
We recommend to use these items when you want to relax or feel refresh.
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