New Way to Enjoy Fragrance

Mix your favorite fragrance.
And it will be your MORE favorite fragrance.
Brighten your life with your original scent.
For example,
Orange & Grapefruit for Liquid Soap.
Passion fruit & champagne for Bath Salt.
White linen for Body Lotion.
Mix Classic rose & Lily for Body Milk.
Mix fragrance and enjoy layering,
Dmateria is a new way of enjoying scent.
There are 5 kinds fragrances.
Each of them is blended by a perfumer, so no matter how it is mixed, it won’t cause a bad result.
Also by its percentage of blend ratio, it will make a different atmosphere with the same ingredients.
One night.
After hard work for a week.
Wash your body with Liquid Soap of Geranium & Basil scent which gives you a fresh green feeling.
And then take a bath with Bath Salt of Classic Rose & Lily which surround you with floral scents.
After taking a bath, grab body lotion of While Linen to gentle your skin , and even add some Orange & Grapefruits and get more freshness.
With Body Milk of Passion fruit & Champagne, layer calm sweetness on the previous scents.
These ensembles of fragrance will deeply heal your heart.
Change the blend depending on a day, finding more,
Let’s start a new way of enjoying scents with Dmateria.