An high effective anti-bacterial

Silver has been used for a long time as a silver tableware to detoxify and prevent water corrosion.
This is a high effective anti-bacterial series. It uses silver ion water that is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, but has high antimicrobial activity.
Silver ions are produced by a special manufacturing method to make silver ion water. Silver-ion water is tasteless and colorless. Unlike, alcohol and chlorine-based solvents, it has no irritating odor and is hard to volatilize, so a long-term anti-bacterial effect is expected.
▼ high level silver ions
The standard value of general silver ion which is anti virus is “0.01 PPM” → High AG + is 1000 times “10 PPM”.
“High AG + antivirus spray” is made at 10 PPM.
It is characterized by “sustained anti-bacterial effect”, and there are test results that continue to eradicate the norovirus alternative virus (feline calicivirus) for more than 24 hours.
Even after 24 hours, 99.937% anti-bacterial effect continues.
*The high level silver ion water used is different from SHOKU-KAN-KEN, Inc.
▼ Non-alcoholic formulation
The formulation is a only pure silver ion water. It is non-alcoholic and can be used for anti-bacterial and deodorization of baby products and pets.
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