A fragrance gift connects between producing area and you

The natural scents of forests, herbs, flowers, fruits and etc., the traditional manufacturing that remains in each region in Japan.
MUSUBI expresses the scent in the local nature and culture, and traditional manufacturing techniques, we create original products.
– Future ticket for everyone.
Start-up companies with excellent ideas and advanced technologies make a program that uses the JR East Group’s management resources to create new businesses and services that create the future.
FERMENSTATION participates in this program.
The squeezed lees of apples used as the raw material for this product are provided by the JR East Group, which supports the recycling project.
FERMENSTATION HP≫ https://www.fermenstation.jp
▼Circulation project starting with Aomori apples
We made an original fragrance room spray and aroma diffuser from the squeezed lees of apple cider from Aomori prefecture. The ethanol is that fermented and extracted Aomori apples.
The raw material contains the squeezed lees of apples used in the cider workshop in Aomori Prefecture.
FERMENSTATION which has a laboratory in Iwate Prefecture commercializes the resources that have not been effectively used ethanol. They succeed own fermentation and distillation technology. The fragrance company, KYARA INNOVATE has created a fragrance item that uses the scent of apples.
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