Japanese Incense and Cloth

Japanese incense and cloth are important traditional culture inherited from ancient time in Japan.
We have combined two traditions and added our modern spice.
The Incense used are made in Awaji island by a fragrance master (Koji).
“To control a scent” is the origin of Koji.
Since it is made by a fragrance master, the scent is sophisticated and give people a relax impression.
The Fabrics used are hand-towel fabric dyed in the technique called “Chu Shaku” which has been used in more than 100 years ago.
Chu Shaku is a unique dying technique which enabled to dye on the both side of a fabric.
Each of them is made by hand by craftsman, and the design is our original circle-shaped.
By wrapping an item with a circle-shaped fabric, the result form looks like a flower blooming.


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