“Bijou” is one of our best brands since 2015.
Out of any other products, “hand & body cream” has been a big hit.
The distinctive difference is that bijou contains more fragrance than other general hand creams.
So when you apply them on skin, you will notice the rich scent like a perfume surrounding you.
Cannot use a perfume at office…but I want to be fashionable.
Perfume is too strong to use…but I want to enjoy fragrance.
I love simple items, and am looking for an “essence” not like an accessory.
Bijou will make a dream come true for those who want to enjoy fragrance at all time.
Also argan oil and shea butter will give moisture on your skin.
It will be your protector from the following autumn-winter season.


3 years passed after the release, in September 2018.
This is our new proposal.
Not only the new scents, but also this is the new way of enjoying daily life and idea for fashion.
This is “Bijou FULL MOON”.
We have been giving images of “model-bijou” so far, such as elegance, and cleanness.
But with this bijou we want to give an idea of “seductive-bijou”, such as showing another emotion to the night.
We hope to brighten up the “aesthetic” that every single woman with several emotions has by the magic of scent.
Scents are one of the tools for fashion to show woman’s beauty.
This is our challenge.
A new attempt compared to other products.


3 kinds of fragrance.
New design for the package.
The image is the setting sun and getting dark.


Now we are on the way to finish the products,
Check it out our new items soon!
※This design may be changed.

写真:丸岡亮 文章:遠藤愛実