Taisho-Romantic in Modern time.

*Taisho Roman (often described in the Chinese character ‘大正浪漫’) refers to a trend of thought or cultural events that conveys the atmosphere of the Taisho period.
Edo glass are carefully made by craftsman and have been inherited from Edo-era.
Especially opalescent-colored glass called “Taisho-Roman Glass” are only made by skilled craftsman using “Aburidashi technique”, and have sensitive beautiful design.
The Aburidashi Technique, which involves the shaping of glass in a patterned mold to create opalescent-colored designs on the glass surface, is a glassmaking technique that gained widespread popularity in Japan during the Meiji and Taisho periods hence the name, “Taisho Roman.” “Roman” derives from the words romance or romantic, that depicts dream, passion, and adventure in the Japanese language. Except for select antique glassware shops, glassware made using this technique has become rare in recent years.
One of the oldest glass manufactures “Hirota Glass” has accomplished to revive the technique.
They only own the technique in Japan.
With this precious glass, we added colored wax candle which contains Japanese scent, and became “Edo Candle”
This translucent colored wax attracts Taisho Roman Glass even more.
When you light a fire, the outline of the glass will be defined and show you a traditional Japanese scenery.
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