Let’s create your favorite fragrance yourself!
I am going to tell you the fragrance knowledge.
I talked about the top and middle note last time.



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I will talk about last notes this time.
The middle note is the third part in the three major scent changes.


As the name implies, it is the “last ” note.


As you get to know each other over time, you can gradually see their personality and intention.
The last note is the part of last scent in 3 steps.
It is an important part of the perfume’s personality.
It makes attractive scent to people who want to use.


As a typical scent is often used as below.
・ Resin system such as frankincense and myrrh
・ Woody such as sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver
・ Animals such as musk, amber


The duration is over 1 hour after putting on the skin.
When the last note put much, the scent will be deeply,
but you need to careful for handling if you put the last note very much, the scent is going to be strong and impressive smell.


The last note that ends the scent.
If you focus on it, you may see the creator’s feelings at the end of the scent.
I will change the topic of fragrance materials next time.
We will tell you how fragrances are made and how fragrances are made!

Written by:Manami Endo