Feel the natural breath

Natural flowers and the scents beside you.
Your breath and flower’s are becoming one slowly.
Being yourself is beautiful.
Spending busy days.
I have been straining myself and never have I realized.
Suddenly I looked aside from the front and felt nature around me,
I found that flowers and plants are silently there, bearing fruits, and blooming.
Tree trunks are deeply rooted in the ground and standing still.
It is easy to forget the nature nearby, but look at them once without thinking and take a deep breath.
We hope that you will feel the existence of “nature” which are breathing and blooming at the same place with you, so that you can take a breather.
“kokyu” was born with such a hope.
▼The flower mini bouquet which is made of real flowers and plants
The flower mini bouquet is blooming silently in a diffuser bottle.
All bouquets are made of real flowers and plants.
The size is only 5cm as if it is made by dwarfs.
The Flower Shop “wnico” that is located in Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
The owner does the flower arrangement based on his 26 years’ work experiences and knowledges of flowers.
His idea and hope are very unique as he wishes for world peace through flowers.
And his wife manages the shop with him with fun.
The bouquets in the bottles of kokyu-diffuser are handmade one by one.
They are specially made for “kokyu”.
And the bouquets use different flowers and plants depending on the season.
But every time, the owner and his wife choose the best flowers and its arrangements.
Arrangements you can only encounter in a certain season.
Please look inside of this diffuser when you find it at any shop.
You may find different bouquets when you see it next time.
The strong will and energy of the owner and his wife give breath and colors in “kokyu” with mini bouquets.