Fregrance influences yourself

People say that there was a MODERN=CUTTING EDGE in past.
The brand started up a company and designer together in Asakusa.
As processed in the manufacturing professionally , our understanding of Asakusa in modern Tokyo
create a new value in Asakusa, Tokyo.

“Tokyo 2” has meaning “two” and “to”. The meaning of “two” and “to” tells that more than “two” company cooprate and create MODERN items from Asakusa, Tokyo “to” the world.
The brand of Tokyo 2 introduced reconstructing and attemping for MODERN AGE.

design by Takeshi Sawada- kamina&C

Web :
Main exhibision: Milano Salone Satellite, design boom in NY
He keeps spreading infomation that you feel something when toutching his object as his cute chair “bambi chair”.
Manufucturing objects are just “objects”.
On the other hand, you feel laughing, smailing, healling, sometiomes to shed tears when you touch them.
Thus, his aim is that manufacturing make a chance something as emotional feeling, make you another action.

▼Deliver the heart-warming card case
The card case is the first step in our brand.
It is keeping a fregrance sachet pocket, using leather and four points hand stitch.


The exchange of business cards are representive action for remembering yourself to others.
However, it is very difficult to recognise and remember person’s face that there is only express words or graphics information.


Scent(olfaction) is the most unforgetable part in five sence.
It directly gives sitimlation to the memorial part of brain in five sence.
Have you ever unconsciously come up with memorial history when you are sniffing a scent?
Therefore, there has a relation with a memory and scent closely.


There is a scent on the business card.
We desigh shape of letter which is the concept of “the delivering the longing=Scent”
The scent will get into the business cards. So that keep them inside of card case.
How about changing the other feeling by a scent?