A creation with people and nature

It is new aroma recolte.
Renewal a package, scent and ingredients from usual aroma recolte.
It is a brand that proposes how to use new scents suitable for the present time.
In consideration of the environment, we have reduced the amount of plastic in products as much as possible.
As well as, products are 100% plant-derived ingredients.
▼ An ornamental plant that fits into the space and heals people
The refreshing natural air, flowers and greenery.
Nature gives people healing and emotional changes.
A fragrance of aroma recolte changes your space to nature.
▼ Environmentally considerate package
Stone paper made from stone is used for the package.
Aluminum is used for the hand cream container, and we have reduced the amount of plastic as much as possible.
▼ Wooden container is craftsman’s technology
The wooden solid perfume container and the wooden lid for the diffuser are made possible by the skill of craftsman in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.
Craftsman brand the logo one-by-one by their handing craft.
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