The everyday use.
Daily necessities are related to your everyday life.


 Your Surrounding items = Your life style


Everyday use, evryday reserve.
That’s your favorite and make you comfortable.
On the other hand, you feel a patiance and take the quantity rather than quality
You should use good one for the everyday use
For using the amont of good items
“Uncompromising for craftmanship, utilzing design”
We start up this brand by that desire.


The word “TRIM” is based on the trimming or trim mark.
To prune and tidy
Trim too many things and fix the quality.
There are minimum display and use a good quality inside.
We want to use a good item if there is the same price to buy, and we want user to use good one.
This is first step for “TRIM” which there are 2 items of Diffuser and All-in-one gel.


2 types of fragrence
Fresh and moisture green note of “Watery” and gorgeous fruite note of “Fruity”
 We provide the fragrence that using them both men and women, also in many scenes.
The content of DIFFUSER is 200ml.
The “solfit” solvent which a good material for people and environment,
and the content 200ml keeps six to seven months to  use.
Change own. Move the content to your favorite container
To change a personal interior decoration. It is just simple to put sticks into the container.
The fregrant of diffuser gives you well and saty a long time.
It stays together for several scenes of life style.
We do not attach sticks.
It changes the fragrence, depending on using sticks.
We recommend a fiber stick.
 If you feel strong taste for the fiber stick, please use a rattan or bamboo stick.
You can adjust the number of sticks when you feel strong or weak.
Enjoy your time.


The content of All-IN-ONE GEL is 200ml.
There are nine types of plant constituent with RICE and YUZU-ceramide.
Moreover, we combine with proteoglycan, collagen and hyaluronic acid luxuriously.
It gives you excellent moisture, skin treating, healthy and keeps shiny skin.
Please have try and fun of the fragrence for unisex and high quality of texture.


All-IN-ONE GEL has good fregrance and plenty of GEL
We want you to use good quality item for skin care everyday without hesitation.
It is specifications to grasp a container, You can easy to keep the content a clean state.
Or, you can move the GEL into the another container.
It depends your favorite ways to use.
The release plans the end of February.
Please do not forget a check our WEB shop, “inimu”.



Photo:Ryo Maruoka、Manami Endo  Written by:Manami Endo