At Interior Lifestyle Tokyo in June, 2016, we had a thought of some performance for promoting our brand “Dmateria”
The concept of Dmateria is “Layer of fragrance over different items”
We considered what the best way to express the conecpt of this item.
Then we came across with this idea, “The Fragrance Bar”.
Especially we aimed at:
1. To tell customers the concept in the best way.
2. Less time to tell the concept.


We have been doing our fragrance workshop (blending fragrance), so with that skill and knowledge, we transformed the idea to more stylish way for an effective visual, which is performing as a bar tender.
At that time we were about to release new item “Fabric mist”, so we used the fabric mist as cocktail.

About The Fragrance Bar

Dmateria’s 5 fragrance.
  • Orange&Grapefruit:Fresh Orange and Grapefruit.
  • Passionfruit&Champagne:Cheering fruity champagne and sweet passion fruits.
  • White Linen:Clean soap with cotton flowers.
  • Classic Rose&Lily:Gorgeous Floral bouquet with rose and lily.
  • Geranium&Basil:Green geranium and cool basil.
First of all, choose 1 to 2 fragrance for a base. Then with that base, had customers choose the corresponded recipe.
You can shoose 4 fragrance out of 5, but by mixing in different ratio, it will be so much different fragrance.
By containing more base, the customers were easy to arrange their favorite fragrance.


We have 5 different recipes below:
■Morning Shower …Base Fragrance:Geranium&Basil
■Tropical Kiss …Base Fragrance:Passionfruit&Champagne
■Sitting on a bench …Base Fragrance:Classic Rose&Lily
■Dim light …Base Fragrance:White Linen
■Orange field …Base Fragrance:Orange&Grapefruit
For example, as for Morning Shower:
Shaking with the most contained base:Geranium&Basil and White Linen/Orange&Grapefruit/Passionfruit&Champagne.
We added some messages for imaging the fragrance more : You are staying in the hotel at the top of the hill, taking a walk in the early morning. Surrounded by fog, closing your eyes and stretching out, taking a deep breath. Relaxing in a slow time passing by.
To be continued.