Let’s create your favorite fragrance yourself!


I am going to tell you the fragrance knowledge.
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I talked about the top note last time.



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I will talk about middle notes this time.


The middle note is the second part in the three major scent changes.
This is the most important part in the scent.
The types of fragrances considered as middle notes are the most compared to top notes and last notes. But the classification undefine.
Depending on the scent and speed of the middle notes are coming different.
There are some middle notes smell fast, and others smell slow.

It may be classified as a middle note depending on the formulation and your judgment.
The fast scent is called “top notes” or “between top and middle”. On the other hand, the slow scent is called “between last and middle” or “last notes”.
As a result, important to mix the scent with your own nose without thinking too hard!
As a typical scent is often used as below.
・ Flowers such as rose, lavender, geranium
・ Green type such as cedar, kuromoji, pine (pine)
・ Spices such as cardamom, black pepper and ginger
The duration is around 30 minutes to 1 hour after putting on the skin.
Adding much middle notes feel gorgeous impression and the whole fragrance can be balanced.
Middle notes that serve as a framework for the aroma.
When you choose and smell as important your own scent, you should be able to choose the one you like in middle note.
We will tell you about last notes next part.

Written by:Manami Endo